1745 Jacobite Commander's Dinner

Dine with the Alba Hussar in the very same room Bonnie Prince Charlie gathered his military Commanders

Alba Hussar's Invitation

Take a step back in time with Jacobite Tours and join us for the 1745 Jacobite Commander’s Dinner, a truly memorable occasion! The dinner venue is the Salutation Hotel in Perth and is held within the famous Charles Edward Stuart Suite where you can enjoy the room's magnificent portrait of Prince Charles and its Scottish décor. This is the very room in which the Bonnie Prince assembled his military commanders Lord George Murray, his elder brother Tullibardine (who raised the Jacobite Standard at Glenfinnan), the Duke of Perth, Lord Elcho, Gentle Cameron of Lochiel, Chevalier James Johnstone and the clan chiefs of MacKenzie, Lovat, Fraser, MacGregor, MacDonald and Chattan, amongst many others. What romance!

Jacobite Tours Alba Hussar Jacobite Commander's Dinner

Perth, 1745

Imagine this colourful scene. The bells of St Johns Kirk are ringing, welcoming Bonnie Prince Charlie. Rebellion is in the air and the Fair city is a hive of military activity. Encamped on the Inches beside the River Tay are the jacobite army, assembled for war and the highlanders are engaged in perfecting their ferocious highland charge, acquiring provisions for their sixty mile march south to take the Scottish capital Edinburgh. The Jacobite military commanders and clan chiefs have gathered with the Prince at the Salutation Hotel; Scottish patriots resplendent in plaid broadsword and dirk. They're deliberating over intelligence reports and campaign maps, planning the strategy that they hope will return the Prince and the Stuart dynasty back to the throne of Great Britain and ultimately overthrow the Hanoverian King George II.

Jacobite Tours 1745 Jacobite Commander's Dinner

Jacobite Commander's Dinner

Your evening with Jacobite Tours and the Alba Hussar will include pre-dinner drinks, the raising of our very own Jacobite Royal Standard, a superb Scottish themed three course dinner, a Jacobite toast with the finest single malt whisky and fine wines. Stories will be told of the Scottish patriots who stood shoulder to shoulder with Charles Edward Stuart on his ill-fated military and political campaign; who knows, maybe the spirits of these heroes may join us in the candlelight! We hope you will find the evening spiritual, moving and thought provoking, but most of all fun!

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