1745 Jacobite Commander's Tour

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Tour Itinerary


Our one day tour will take you on a romantic and historical journey to the ancestral homes of senior Jacobite officers. These Scottish Patriots were in the service of Prince Charles Edward Stuart from 1745 -1746.

We gather at the famous Salutation Hotel South St Perth, said to be Scotland’s oldest established hotel. The young pretender Bonnie Prince Charlie resided at the hotel for six days in early September 1745.

You will receive a campaign briefing, before we commence our journey into the majestic Scottish highlands. Tea and coffee will be provided before we embark on our adventure.

Jacobite Tours 1745 Jacobite Commander's Tour. Come join our caampaign!


We mount up and travel north into the Highlands, taking in the visually inspiring hills of the Vale of Atholl then onto Blair Castle, the ancestral seat of the Murray clan and home of Lord George Murray - senior commander of the Jacobite army.

The Chevalier de Johnstone, (aide de camp) quoted to Murray, “If the Prince had done nothing else but sleep all the time of his expedition, and left Lord George Murray to act, according to all appearance, he would have found on awakening the Crown of England on his head”.

The castle saw much activity during the ill fated rebellion of 1745 and boasts one of the finest collections of period weapons in Scotland. The castle and gardens are both romantic and captivating.

Jacobite Tours. Come join our campaign!


We retrace our steps back to the ancient capital of Perth and onto Elcho Castle, secondary family home of David Wemyss Lord Elcho, officer of Jacobite Cavalry. This small ancient castle is a gem, rustic and beguiling.


Moving across Perth we pass Huntingtower Castle which was the birthplace of Lord George Murray. The castle is supposedly haunted!


A short ride to the secluded Huntingtower Country Hotel for a well earned delicious lunch.

Jacobite Tours Perthshire. Elcho Castle


We saddle up and continue onto Crieff for some leisure time. Enjoy the rural atmosphere of this old Scottish town in the heart of Rob Roy country, and childhood home of the famous Hollywood actor Ewan MacGregor. It is said, Bonnie Prince Charlie held a war council at the Drummond Arms Hotel, before marching north to his infamous final battle at Culloden, on the 16th April 1746.


Our troop reassembles then continues onto Drummond Castle, the family seat of The Duke of Perth and his brother Lord John Drummond. Lord John commanded the French regiments of the Royal Ecossais and the Irish Picquets. The castle's stunning gardens were first established in 1630, some say similar in design to those of the palace of Versailles. The castle gardens were used as a location for the much acclaimed television drama series Outlander. Definitely one for the lassies, a highland gentleman may sweep you off your feet with a white rose!

Jacobite Tours. Drummond Gardens, Crieff. Come join our campaign!


Commencement of our retreat back to Perth for the toast of The King over the water. Jacobite sympathisers conducted this ritual in great secrecy in honour of the House of Stuart. You will be invited to re-enact this toast on the banks of the River Tay, with of course, the finest malt whisky.


Return to our campaign starting point, at the Salutation Hotel. Our Tour concludes with a campaign debriefing and toast to Prince Charles Edward Stuart.


Tour dismissed with a Highland farewell!

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